Colombia steps in as Venezuela runs short of Holy Communion wafers ahead of Easter

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Colombia steps in as Venezuela runs short of Holy Communion wafers ahead of Easter

Basic food shortages have threatened supplies of holy bread for the predominantly Catholic nation of Venezuela, and a Colombian church has stepped in to help just in time for Easter.

Venezuela, which was once the richest country in Latin America, suffers from political and economic chaos, marked by food shortages and hyperinflation under President Nicolás Maduro, despite being home to the world’s largest oil reserves.

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That has made it difficult for Catholic churches in the nation to find the wheat flour required to make the wafers for Holy Communion, a sacrament which uses the bread as a symbol of the body of Christ.

But the Catholic dio cese of the city of Cúcuta in Colombia, on the border between the two nations, has donated 250,000 wafers to Venezuela’s Catholic church, in time for the Easter, a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this Sunday, according to BBC News.

The Colombian Catholic church said it was its moral duty to help Venezuelans celebrate the festivities. A soup kitchen overseen by the diocese of Cúcuta has also helped to feed many hungry Venezuelans who come across the border in search of jobs and food.

“It is important to attend to the needs that afflict the faith as a result of this time of border crisis,” a statement from the diocese said, according to BBC. “At this time of the week, the central mysteries of the Christian faith can be celebrated.”

Roman Catholic newspaper La Croix reported in early March that some Venezuelan churches had already run out of the wafers for mass in late February, prompting priests to ask churchgoers to bring flour to th e nuns who make the host wafers.

Members of the Cúcuta diocese delivered the donated wafers in heavy rains to Venezuela this week over a bridge that connects the two countries, CNN reported, citing a Facebook statement from the diocese.

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