World Cup 2018: Colombia fan SACKED after being caught on camera guzzling smuggled alcohol from binoculars ...

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World Cup 2018: Colombia fan SACKED after being caught on camera guzzling smuggled alcohol from binoculars ...

By Louise Meadows22nd June 2018, 5:47 pmUpdated: 22nd June 2018, 6:19 pm

A Colombia fan filmed drinking alcohol out of a pair of fake binoculars has discovered the price of fame after being sacked from his job.

Luis Felipe Gomez was one of a group of Colombians shown on a Facebook post guzzling down alcohol that had been sneakily squirrelled in for the Group H match between Colombia and Japan.

Mr Gomez was among those to take a drink out of the binoculars

But his beady-eyed employers at Colombian airline Avianca Cargo, where Mr Gomez was regional manager of Europe-Asia, were not in favour, dismissing their man for going against their principles and values as a company.

Although identified as the person in the video wearing the cap with flags painted on his face, Mr Gomez insists he bar ely knew the people who had smuggled the alcohol in. But it was not enough to save his job.

The idea of smuggling in liquor inside a pair of false binoculars caught the attention of many following Tuesday match.

But unfortunately for Gomez and his fellow football loving friends, their antics did not go down well with everyone.

ColombiaĆ¢€™s Foreign Office felt it necessary to issue a reminder to fans to behave themselves while in Russia and Martin Santos, son of the Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, also tweeted his disappointment at them or encouraging a stereotype.

Santos wrote: "We think this is great but then we get angry when we get searched by security at airports."

And as the video went increasingly viral, the troubles did not stop there with Mr Gomez very publicly receiving his marching orders 24 hours later.

A statement from Avianca on their official Twitter page read: "Avianca Holdings rejects any type of act that goes against our principles and values as a company."


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"In accordance, we have made the decision to end the work contract of the employee from Avianca Cargo who was at the World Cup, whose behaviour violated the law and norms in place within the World Cup event, by consuming liquor which was illegally brought into one of the stadiums."

Writing on his wifeĆ¢€™s Facebook page, Mr Gomez tried to explain his actions: "I went to say, 'Hi,' to some friends. They offered me a drink. I received it in a moment of euphoria and happiness because I was seeing Colombia in a World Cup.

"I am trying to grasp how 15 seconds of unfortunate, out-of-context, and badly interpreted video can end the honour of a person and an entire life of trying to do things right. I thank you again for your support."

Source: Google News Colombia | Netizen 24 C olombia

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