Colombia bans the use of mercury in mining

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Colombia bans the use of mercury in mining

Mongabay Series: Global Forests

Colombia bans the use of mercury in mining by Antonio José Paz Cardona on 1 August 2018

Special series

Endangered environmentalists

  • Number of murdered environmental activists rose once again in 2017
  • Indonesia to investigate death of journalist being held for defaming palm oil company
  • Madagascar: Yet another anti-trafficking activist convicted
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Indonesias forest guardians

  • Papuan chef Charles Toto serves up sustainability and environmental protection in a platter
  • In eastern Indonesia, a forest tribe pushes back against miners and loggers
  • Faith in the forest helps Indonesia’s Dayaks keep plantations, loggers at bay
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Conservation effectiveness

  • Forest communities pay the price for conservation in Madagascar
  • Conservation Effectiveness series sparks action, dialogue
  • Response to critique on Conservation Effectiveness series (commentary)
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Southeast asian infrastructur e

  • In Malaysia, an island drowns in its own development
  • Cracks appear in Malaysia’s building spree, once a model for development
  • ‘Single-minded determination’: China’s global infrastructure spree rings alarm bells
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Amazon infrastructure

  • Chinese / Western financing of roads, dams led to maj or Andes Amazon deforestation
  • Temer’s deforestation policies put Paris goals at risk, scientists warn
  • Raid fails to stop gold mining, death threats on Amazon’s Tropas River
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Asian rhinos

  • Rhino poop gives villagers in India a conservation incentive
  • In its fight against rhino poachers, India lets the dogs out
  • Geneticists: It’s time to mix the Sumatran rhino subspecies
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Indonesian fisheries

  • As planned excise flops, Indonesia ponders how to give up plastic bags
  • There’s now an app for mapping seagrass, the oceans’ great carbon sink
  • Shark fisheries hunting dolphins, other marine mammals as bait: Study
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Conservation in madagascar

  • Forest communities pay the price for conservation in Madagascar
  • Angry farmers set fire to offices of Madagascar eco group, gov’t agency
  • Madagascar’s native fauna defenseless against toxic invasive toads
Conservation in madagascar More articlesSource: Google News Colombia | Netizen 24 Colombia

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