Drugs found on boat of Israeli arrested in Colombia

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Drugs found on boat of Israeli arrested in Colombia

Colombian Navy raids the boat

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Colombian authorities said they found hundreds of kilograms of cocaine on the yacht of Roy Erez, an Israeli arrested by the Colombian Navy last week on suspicion of transporting a wanted man.

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According to the Colombian Navy, Erez's sail boat was flying the German flag and sailing in the Caribbean Sea in the area between Panama and Aruba.

The Navy said the yacht entered Colombia's territorial waters while deviating from its declared route to Jamaica.

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The Colombian Navy took over the boat and towed it to the Colombian island of San Andrés, where they searched the vessel and found 245 rectangular packages of drugs hidden on the boat.

The Colombian Navy raids the boatThe Colombian Navy raids the boat Colombian authorities said an examination of the packages found they contained 243 kilograms of cocaine, and the two people on boardâ€"Erez and the wanted Colombian nationalâ€"were arrested on charges of trafficking, manufacturing or possessing drugs.

The Foreign Ministry said Israel's consul general in Bogotá, Yuval Sharabi, spoke to Erez on the phone and ensured he was doing okay.

Roy ErezRoy Erez Erez's sister posted on Facebook about the arrest last week, saying the Colombian Navy violently took over her brother's boat, causing damage to the vessel, claiming he was transporting a wanted man. Erez, 38, from Tel Aviv, claimed he encountered a pirate ship two days prior and was f orced at gunpoint by the crew to allow the wanted man to board. Only later did he learn the man was wanted by Colombian authorities.
Source: Google News Colombia | Netizen 24 Colombia

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