ACAPS Briefing Note: Venezuela: Regional Update: 5 September 2018

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ACAPS Briefing Note: Venezuela: Regional Update: 5 September 2018

05 Sep 2018 ACAPS Briefing Note: Venezuela: Regional Update: 5 September 2018 Reportfrom Assessment Capacities Project Published on 05 Sep 2018 รข€" View Original preview Download PDF (1.01 MB)

The deepening political and socio-economic crisis in Venezuela has led to one of the biggest mass displacements in the history of South America. Although no consolidated figure for the region is available, all sources indicate that migration from Venezuela to neighbouring countries is drastically increasing. 117,300 Venezuelans filed asylum claims in the first half of 2018 alone, already more than the numbe r of asylum claims reported at the end of 2017 (113,438).

Many Venezuelans in host countries are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Food, nutrition, health and WASH needs have been identified. Protection assistance is also crucial, including legal help with documentation in order to access healthcare and employment. Venezuelan migrants also face growing xenophobia from host communities, and are at risk of exploitation, trafficking, and SGBV.

As the crisis inside Venezuela continues to deteriorate, host countries are increasingly struggling to respond to the influx of Venezuelans. The rising number of people entering neighbouring countries is putting a strain on basic services, especially in border areas. Recent measures in several countries deter Venezuelans from entering, such as limiting admission to people with a passport, or enforcing quotas at the border.

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Source: Google News Colombia | Netizen 24 Colombia

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