British man, 57, arrested in Colombia for 'smuggling cocaine disguised as dog food'

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British man, 57, arrested in Colombia for 'smuggling cocaine disguised as dog food'

A British man has been detained in Colombia over allegations that he arranged for tons of cocaine to be smuggled into Europe disguised as dog food and agricultural fertiliser.

Andrew Deamer, originally from Barrow upon Soar in the East Midlands, was detained in a raid on his house in Rionegro.

The property is 20 miles from Medellín, where the notorious druglord Pablo Escobar founded his empire.

Colombian authorities released footage of the raid, which show the 57-year-old, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, climbing down from a bolthole in the attic of his villa.

‘The Monkey’

The South American country’s attorney general’s office â€" the Fiscalia â€" allege Mr Deamer, known as “The Monkey” or “Marcos”, is the ringleader of a drug smuggling operation.

The Fiscalia said: “Our seizures revealed the use of multiple cont rolled substances, essences and dyes to ensure the cocaine had a similar shape, smell, texture and appearance to legal products.

“When it was received at the destination, chemists had to travel there to reverse the process for the drug to be sold.”

‘He put his head in the lion’s mouth’

A source told The Mirror on Sunday that Mr Deamer had earned the trust of Colombia’s infamous cartels. “He put his head into the lion’s mouth,” the source said.

Police said 18 others were arrested last November as part of the operation.

Mr Deamer moved from the East Midlands to Florida, before resetting in Colombia.

Photographs uploaded to Facebook show him relaxing in a hilltop pool with five golden retrievers, while in others he posed with his 37-year-old second wife Marcela Zapata.

The Foreign Office said: “We are providing consular assistance to a British man detained in Colombia.”

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